Print Spooler / Citrix Print Manager Crash.. On Citrix XenApp?


Do test print drivers before placing them in ‘production’ on Citrix XenApp servers.
This can be achieved by using the Citrix StressPrinters tool.

I used the settings below, when I was testing around 10 different print drivers.

The result underneath mean a poorly written driver.. not suitable for Terminal Server or XenApp environments. Try to get an updated version and re-test or contact the manufacturer. You need a Terminal Server aware print driver.

The time-out message could be a problem, or it could be a slow print driver.. this will impact end-user satisfaction but doesn’t have to mean the driver is faulty… if users are complaining about slow printing… this could be the issue…

The next picture shows a test that completed successfully.

NOTE: The Warning: thread id stuck.. message could mean a problem. But in this case, when looking at Windows Performance Monitor we see missing gaps/pieces of a graph, indicating that the machine is under heavy (disk IO?) load.

If the Windows Print Spooler and Citrix Print Manager keep on crashing, update to the latest Roll-Up pack. Then go through the Citrix Public hotfixes and after that, if possible, the Limited Hotfixes. As a last resort you can contact Citrix Support.

Hope this info is useful for you.