Netscaler v11.x Authentication Servers Down – Invalid Admin Bind Credentials



Some hands-on experience with Netscaler v11.0.62.10_nc, looking great. (feels better, more stable then the older v11 version)

While the ‘Authentication Dashboard’ & ‘Logs’ is a great improvement upon SSH, and performing a Linux ‘cat’ against aaadebug file (for more info see: ) I’ve stumbled upon something strange. When inserting all LDAP parameters correctly the ‘Dashboard’ still is complaining about ‘Invalid Admin Bind Credentials’ while the ‘Logs’ are confirming I can logon successfully.


Testing this is done by binding (a MS AD 2012_r2) LDAP ‘Server’ and ‘Policy’ settings ‘Globaly’ on Netscaler and adding a MS AD Group to Netscaler’s ‘User Administration / Groups’ section.
Performing a login through the Netscaler GUI works as a charm, with AD credentials. Strange..

In my case tthis may have to do with a bit of latency between DMZ and LAN segments of my customers environment, else it could be a bug.

In this case, the proof really is in the (eating of the) pudding, rather then the making, anyhow

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