Netscaler (Access) Gateway – /cgi/login – HTTP 500 Internal Server Error – HTTP 403 forbidden


Problems with Netscaler (Access) Gateway?

You can login successful, but after logging in you get an HTTP error? /cgi/login page would display a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error 500 Pressing F5 for a refresh would result in an HTTP 403 forbidden: The website declined to show this page

  • Open the ‘Global Netscaler Gateway Settings’ page
  • navigate to ‘Network Configuration’
  • Under ‘Name Server’ add attleast one DNS server (two is a best practice)

Note: in my experience, adding a DNS Virtual Servers caused the error.
Only utilizing DNS Virtual Servers in this tab didn’t seem to work. It should have worked
because their up and runnining, tested. But it would not work.

Resolution: Just insert two DNS Server under the ‘Name Server’ tab

Other causes:

navigate to ‘Published Applications’
Double check the Web Interface Address URL for example: http(s)://storefront-or-webinterface-url.fqdn/ReceiverForWebSite
Check the IPv type


These HTTP errors are quite generic and can have multiple causes.
Hope this wil solve you HTTP 500 or 403.


Goodluck bug hunting,