Citrix XenApp, Package, Point & Print Restrictions

Here are some recommendations on printing, when you are using (Package) Point and Print restrictions in combination with Citrix XenApp / Remote Desktop Server. This is one way to deploy printers. There are other ways like deploying them with SCCM or as a part of a SCCM Tasksequence. If you’re using SCCM or Citrix PVS to deploy drivers, then you probably will not use the scenario underneath.

As you know Citrix XenApp and Remote Desktop Server are really picky when it comes to printing. For XenApp printing, drivers have to be supported by Citrix or the driver needs to be explicitly approved and supported by print driver vendor. You can test them with Citrix Stress Printers. I did an article on it, that can be found here

Point and Print restrictions can limit the scope from where drivers are to be installed from. Just list the print servers semicolon separated.  When configuring these policy’s do not forget to also configure Package Point and print – Approved servers. Else the print restrictions only work half. They don’t count for “Packed Print Drivers” …….. grmbl… Now if you are using these features ensure that Print Server admins work with you on discussing what drivers to use!

Note: there are other ways to restrict a  server from getting drivers installed this article explains how to do it, if you wan’t to use this feature. Besides that, always render print jobs on print server. Also configure the security prompts to “Do not show warning or elevation prompt” and disable the Pre-populate printer search location text since all the servers are in the datacenter and cannot use “location based printing”. Publish printers in Active Directory (automatic or when creating them) and let an user search for them. Set Users can only point and print to machines in their forest to Disabled.

The above settings override the “Prevent users from installing printer drivers settings when configured as Enabled”

That will be all for now,