Citrix Storefront Sync Problems – Propagate Changes – Server is not reachable. Configuration settings might be out of date.


Troubles with Citrix Storefront Synchronization?


Maybe also utilizing Active Directory GPO’s, specifically ‘Restricted Groups’ to insert ‘domain based administrators accounts’ to a ‘Local Servers Administrators security group’ on one or more (storefront) servers?


These GPO settings might overwrite the Local ‘Administrators Group’ on Storefront Servers. Once or on every (forced) GPO refresh, depending on implementation.

The GPO wil remove Local Server Administrator right for the following Storefront Service’s.

NT SERVICE\CitrixClusterService
NT SERVICE\CitrixConfigurationReplication


Restore these settings and Citrix Storefront Synchronization wil function fine again. (note, when adding back, select the ‘Computer’ as a location. And not the ‘Domain’)

You’ll see this behavour for example when move Storefont Server accross different AD OU’s when a ‘implementation’ is done.
Or someone forgot to move the servers to the ‘right’ OU at time of creation.

Hope this helps,