Citrix & Cisco ACI integration. Unexpected error, illegal character in path.

So, a few weeks back I performed a data center migration of Citrix XenApp 7.6 LTSB. The migration was a ‘Big Bang’ scenario kind.. we’ll you gotta luv those.. never really know how these turn out. In this case, the networking of the brand new data center was based around Cisco ACI.

So after well documenting the whole Citrix environment, I started to remove Machines & Machines Catalogs,,.. after that I removed the hosting connection of the old VMWare vSphere farm. Imported the new server certificate & root CA certificate of the new vCenter server, configured service account permissions and we where good to go, one might think.

After creating the (new) Machine Catalogs, the next step would be to deploy the ‘production farm’ from a ‘golden image’ by means of Citrix ‘Machine Creation Services’. Now, that didn’t go as planned.

Deployment started an returned an error:


Right.. now that wasn’t suppose to happen.. Viewing the error details:


Illegal characters in path?! well now.. what could that be..?


The Cisco ACI environment configured the networking for vCenter with a ‘pipe’ ( | ) symbols in the network name.
Citrix Studio, Machine Creation Services – and specific the underling powershell cmdlets don’t like ‘pipe’ ( | ) symbols.
The only way to work around this issue, for our team at that moment, was to create Standard Portgroups within VMWare/vCenter which din’t include pipe symbols. We gave them the correct VLAN tag, restarted the deployment and finished the migrations in appropriate timeline. The end costumer was a happy one.

So, if you every hear Cisco ACI, keep an eye out for the pipes 😉






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