Freelance IT Architect @ Sallandius

So, its time for something new. At the first of may 2016, i’am starting as a freelancer. I’m available as IT Architect / Technical Architect, with strong focus on Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare, AirWatch. Overall knowledge of networking & storage. Also available for Consultant/Engineer roles.


Encrypted USB Flash drive’s / Linux based thinclients & XenApp or XenDesktop


Most Encrypted USB Flash drive’s come with software that is not compatible with a Linux Based Thin client.  So they won’t work with XenApp/XenDesktop. A way to workaround this issue is to use Hardware based Encrypted USB Flash drives,  for example:

(prices based upon the 16 GB editions)

The Corsair Padlock,… quite cheap. prices around 50 euro’s


The drive’s from LOK-IT are FIPS 140-2 certified,  more secure… prices around 180 euro’s


Have a nice day,