Microsoft Exchange – IIS – Data at the root level is invalid



Strange thing this morning, IIS on Exchange server talks about ‘data at root level is invalid’. Also saw some errors looking like below. (was a bit different)


Looks like the file in question gets corrupted or is overwritten with faulty or incomplete data, screwing up the XML formatting. I replaced the ‘applicationHost.config’ file with a copy form a other, still functional, exchange server. Rebooted the server, and IIS is again serving Exchange Virtual Directory’s.

Think this error is caused due to lack of memmory.

In this case the customer running exchange has very few resources assigned to the VM, the absolute minimum. Besides that, the pagefile is relativly small (to small). 1GB. This is also impacting exchange. I’ve changed the pagfile to be greated then the ‘minimum needed for exchange’ + 1GB. Exchange now runs stable. (performance is stil crap.. due to resources).



XenMobile WorxApps – The VPN Service has failed to connect. You must connect to the VPN to continue.


Hi, out of the box problems with XenMobile and the MicroVPN feature?

Getting error message’s like” The VPN Service has failed to connect. You must connect to the VPN to continue….” when trying to use Worx Apps or Custom Wrapped Apps? (MDX)

Worx/MDX App is utilizing MicroVPN mode?

The Solution: You need to allow access from clients in VPN tunnel to LAN applications/subnets.

Navigate to Netscaler>Netscaler Gateway> Resources > Intranet Application.

Add a ‘Intranet Application’ or whole subnet. Steps:

  • Give it a name AppXYZ or WebServer Subnet
  • Protocol = ANY (or select TCP/UDP if you want to narrow the scope)
  • IP address = IP of the app on server. Or add a Range like,
  • Port = Leave empty (or fill in, if you want to narrow the scope)
  • Netmask = for IP and for example for whole subnet. CIDR /24


Now you need to bind this ‘Intranet Application’  to the Netscaler Gateway – Virtual Server.

Navigate to Netscaler>Netscaler Gateway>Virtual Servers.

  • Select the virtual server for XenMobile (MAM)
  • Click edit
  • From the right, add ‘Intranet Applications’
  • Click No Intranet Applications  (to add a new one, strange, not?!)
  • Select the Intranet Application created earlier
  • Click ‘Bind’
  • Click Done

Presto!! Now end users via WorxWeb or WorxMail or custom wrapped app can access the ‘intranet application’ or subnet, IP Range or Network you have just created and bound.

(this also counts for regular Netscaler Gateway Full VPN virtual servers. // Universal Access Gateway)


Lots of luck,