Citrix Receiver, connection in progress, takes long or is slow.


Experiencing the same problem? Setting up a connection to a published app or desktop takes a while? (20 to 60 sec) You might have Citrix Session Reliability configured but the (Windows) Firewall blocks port 2598/TCP resulting in a session over port 1494/TCP. It will take a while before the detection occurs, that’s what is causing the delay.

Resolution, in my order of preferences:

1) Open up port 2598/TCP (to enable Session Reliability for XenApp or XenDesktop VDI)


2) Disable Citrix Session Reliability by GPO (So it is not going to try to setup the connection)



Kyocera Classic Universal Driver and slow printing of PDF files on XenApp


Curious problem today with the printing of PDF files on a Kyocera printer while using The Kyocera Classic Universal Driver 2.42 PCL5. This driver is Microsoft Certified and is recommended for Remote Desktop Server / Citrix XenApp environments.

On the printer server, printer queue, under Advanced, Printing Defaults, Advanced set the Printer Features, Graphics Mode: From Raster to HP-GL/2.


Changing this setting greatly enhanced performance for us.


A good PDF file for performance testing scenarios comes from Microsoft

Also, and interesting post on Printing in XenApp, from Thomas Koetzing