HOWTO: Windows PowerShell Web Access


I came across a nifty little feature. what will enable a web based GUI for remote powershell actions.

1) Install this Server Feature on a DMZ / Perimeter Server. (next, next, finish)
2) Configure Authorization Rules. For group based right management use: -UserGroupName Domain\Group NOTE: the -ConfigurationName parameter must contain “microsoft.powershell”
3) Assign a Security Certificate to the IIS Server. Self Signed or an internal PKI is a possibility. But for a home lab, also have a look over here

4) Open ports on the firewall/gateway device: HTTPS/443|TCP from the Internet/Web to the DMZ Server
5) Open port HTTPS/443 inbound, for the server itself, from the Windows Advanced Firewall.
6) Open ports for WSMAN. PSWA DMZ Server to – All the server you wish to manage, If this are a lot of server then perform this step with a GPO. Rule Direction: Inbound, WSMAN/5985|TCP, WSMAN over SSL/5986|TCP


Some Screenshots:








From the Microsoft Premium Field Engineer:

The official technet artical.
Guide from trainsignal.



Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Database Support Matrix / Chart


When searching if XenApp 6.5 is supported on MS SQL 2012, I came across a Citrix Database support chart. This chart contains allmost all Citrix products and gives a nice overview of all the databases and database management software that is compatible with it.